Three Reasons To Rent In Lakewoods Apartments

  If you are looking for a place to live but you are not sure where you will want to live, look no further than Lakewoods Apartments. Located in beautiful south Dayton, Ohio, the Lakewoods is a perfect place to raise a family. You will be close to everything including downtown Dayton as well as the shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities that the Dayton area offers. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a permanent residence in this community.

Reason One: The Lakewoods Apartments provides great community amenities. With  houses for rent eugene oregon  of the modern conveniences that we enjoy today, it is pretty hard to find an apartment that does not have any of them. The Lakewoods apartments is conveniently located to popular destinations such as the Dayton Art Institute, the Dayton Zoo, and the downtown Dayton area. The Lakewoods Apartments provides easy access to these and other fantastic locations. The convenient location makes it a wonderful option for a peaceful place to raise a family.

Reason Two: The Lakewoods Apartments has a wonderful location and provides excellent amenities. Most residents come here for great memories and a quiet place to raise a family. The spacious layouts of the Lakewood Apartments make it easy to live and enjoy. There are numerous residents who come to stay at this community to take advantage of all of the great perks. All of the amenities provided by the lakewoods apartments are very serene and quiet making it the perfect place to raise a family and enjoy the comforts of home.

Reason Three: The facilities offered at the Lakewoods Apartments are very exceptional. The community features five swimming pools, a fitness center, an outdoor pool, a lake and a grill. There is also a state of the art fitness center with an elliptical machine, a stationary bike, a recumbent exercise bike, and an aerobic trainer. There is a sauna and steam room plus a steam bath. All of the amenities and services listed here are top notch.

Reason Four: The Lakewoods Apartments offers many common amenities and services to residents. The community features a security system, housekeeping, laundry and kitchen service, and pest control. There are free telephone and high speed Internet service. The community also offers housekeeping, laundry and pool cleaning, a fitness center, and a centralized location for all of your city's public transit services. The fitness center, kitchen, and housekeeping services are very affordable and are very useful to senior citizens and the disabled.

Reason Three: Community features some excellent schools. Gradeschool (grades six, seven, and eight) is offered at this complex. The community is close enough to Cleveland Schools to provide good access to the Cleveland Schools.  apartment locator  and fitness center at Lakewoods Apartments provides state-of-the art facilities, including a running track and a lap pool. Free bus service provides easy transportation to the public school - grades pk-8 (outlying suburbs of Cleveland).

Reason Two: The spacious apartments are convenient to the diners, shops, and restaurants. Lakewoods Apartments are located at the center of downtown Cleveland.  new construction condos near me , fully-equipped dining and shopping areas are just a short walk away. The lake is only minutes away by car, bus, taxi, or bus service to the downtown area and airport. Lakewoods Apartments are conveniently located near the Cleveland Metropark Zoo, the Great lakes Science Center, the Cleveland Botanical Garden, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You can find everything you need at your disposal in these two mile square blocks.

Reason Three: The Lakewood community offers many gourmet restaurants. Fresh cuisine is offered in the various dining establishments including fine dining, mid-range restaurants, family-friendly buffets, and fast-food franchises. Lakewoods Apartments have over five hundred gourmet restaurants, pubs, bars, lounges, bistros, ice cream parlors, coffee shops, and health food stores. You can dine at your own private bar or restaurant. Or come enjoy dayton living at the apartment complex.

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